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February 7th is a celebration of sharing all forms of media, books, mix tapes, video games, iPods, videos, photography, artwork, anything media related.

February 7th differs from most other celebrations as it is not based on superstitions or the unfortunate loss of life (as are celebrations involving justifyable or unjustifyable wars) nor does it have any imaginairy boundries between people. It can also be celebrated by everyone as it is not based on giving or reciving, it is built upon sharing. This means that a stereo system has an equal value as a link to a YouTube video.

The ability to gift electronic media also makes last minute "Seventhing" possible as you can easily send someone a song, video game, DLC, Kindle Book or other such media the day of the 7th!

Download Your Feb 7th Party Crown
Download Your Own February 7th Party Crown!



• Exchange media. Books, mix tapes, video games, iPods, videos, anything media related whether they are new, used, or even hand made (like a mix tape)

• Eat lemon cake or some type of citrus confection. Cards can be exchanged by modifying birthday cards branded for kids 7 year of age.

-Modifying existing 7th Birthday cards to read Happy February 7th.


• Repurposing of any received celebratory card. In other words, if you received a birthday card from Aunt Margret and the kids, you could modify all the sentiments to read Happy February Seventh and then by adding your name to the "Love," part, the recipient would feel extra special seeing the additional names which had already been on the card.


• A new feature by Ed Kuehn, gifting or sharing a media present can be called Sharing a Seventh or Being Seventhed.


• Parties, parties, parties!

• Wear the 7th Crowns.

• Pick-A-De-Sevenths: Put books, video games, a few music gift cards or whatever media you choose into paper bags, number the bags, pick-a-de corresponding numbered slips and have a 7th Grab Bag Present Fun.

• At 7PM, your local time, blow party horns or other things that make a lot of racket until 7:01 (we at February 7th realize that we live on a globe and our time keeping is relative. We also realize that the correct time would be 19:00 hrs however, a party at 7am would stink so, deal with it, it's all in fun and celebration and makes more sense than starting a year in the middle of winter).

• If you have a Seventh Party, all attending are now named either Steve or Stephanie. Avoid social awkwardness by immediately forgetting the name of the person you've just been introduced to, they're either Steve or Stephanie. You can also use Jolene and Joe or, whatever more fun or mundane name combinations (or not, it's your celebration and time of creativity). Name tags are optional.

-Sing the February 7th Song after the full minute of noise making (maybe).


• Create some semi-free February 7th Trees (a newspaper tree). If you aren't familiar with a newspaper tree, here's a terrible explanation. - Roll a newspaper up into a tube, cut several lines down one of the ends of the cylinder, carefully start extending the paper from the center until the cylinder starts to be more cone shaped or sword-like. Put a little piece of tape at the bottom, and start bending down and fanning out the rectangular slits.

• More traditions are sure to become a part of the celebration each year!


When February 7th comes today,
All the children will be happy and gay.
There'll be books to bring and songs to sing
On February 7th.
When February 7th comes today,
Take some time out to play some games,
And listen to a mix tape,
Have yourself some lemon cake,
February 7th.
Feb Brew Air Eee 7th

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